Ảnh: Người dân Ukraine chuẩn bị chiến tranh

Ảnh: Người dân Ukraine chuẩn bị chiến tranh

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(Photos: Ukrainian civilians prepare for war)
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Andy Van
Feb 28,2022
An armed man on an empty street in Kyiv, Ukraine.
A small girl sorts empty bottles.
Một cô gái sắp xếp những chai rỗng sẽ được dùng để pha cocktail Molotov để chế tạo bom xăng ở thành phố Lviv của Ukraine vào Chủ nhật.
Locals gather empty bottles to make Molotov cocktails.
A volunteer demonstrates how to prepare a Molotov cocktail.
Civilian volunteers in Kyiv check their guns.
Các tình nguyện viên dân sự ở Kyiv đang kiểm soát súng của họ vào thứ Bảy.
Local residents make anti-tank obstacles.
Local residents prepare Molotov cocktails.
A local resident prepares a Molotov cocktail.
Volunteers, one holding an AK-47 rifle, in Kyiv.
A man works on an anti-tank obstacle.
A Kyiv resident and volunteer prepares a rear post with trenches.
Local residents make Molotov cocktails.
Armed civilian volunteers stand alert on a street in Kyiv.
A man carries an anti-tank obstacle in Uzhhorod, in western Ukraine.
Residents prepare Molotov cocktails.
A member of Ukraine’s Territorial Defense Forces holds a Kalashnikov rifle as a volunteer looks on.
An armed man on an empty street in Kyiv, Ukraine.
Một người đàn ông đi tuần trên đường phố Kyiv vắng người do lệnh giới nghiêm.
A woman carries a crate of empty bottles as local residents prepare Molotov cocktails.
Locals at a park in Dnipro, Ukraine, carry crates of bottles.
Civilian members of a territorial defense unit check their weapons.
A volunteer rests in a bomb shelter.
Người đi kẻ ở
Refugees arrive in Przemysl, Poland, against a dark sky as night closes in.
Hình ảnh từ cuộc khủng hoảng người tị nạn ở Ukraine
A Ukrainian child in a car stuck in traffic.
A Ukrainian girl stands near a pile of donated items.
A woman and her daughter fleeing the Russian invasion in Ukraine.
A mother tends to her baby in a bomb shelter.
Ukrainian refugees walk alongside a line of vehicles.
A woman wrapped in a blanket at the border checkpoint in Medyka, Poland.
An emergency worker hands out bags of food.
Supplies for refugees slightly covered in snow.
A crying woman walking with her children.
A mother feeds her child at a refugee shelter in Hungary.
A woman holds her baby while surrounded by other people at a railway station.
Young patients, in hospital beds, in the hallway of a children's hospital.
A woman pulling a wheeled suitcase walks with two dogs after crossing the border into Hungary.
Ukrainian asylum seekers, eating or checking their phones, rest on the floor at a crowded train station.
A woman holds a child and a dog as she lies in a shelter.
A volunteer unloads aid donations at a school gym in Poland.
Two women cry at a border crossing in Poland.
Refugees from Ukraine lie on folding cots set up at a railway station.
A Ukrainian refugee carries a large garbage bag and a large stuffed toy.
A person holds a candle and a sign reading Ukraine Needs Help! at an antiwar protest.